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Luen Seng Foundry specializes in supplying a wide range of mining equipments, various sizes of water and gravel pump, welded pipes, cast iron, brass and aluminium parts and other associated equipments for the mining operations.
For sale or rental : Generating Sets, Water Pumps and Vacuum Pumps
Top Selling Products : water pumps, liner set, trommel, diesel engines, generator sets, sand casting service, other engineering equipments, valves, coupling, rubber hose, pontoons, pump door, welding sets, impeller, pump skirt, new monitor jet, manual winch, hydraulic winch, pipes, etc

For almost 50 years (established in 1956), Luen Seng Foundry has been an industry leader, providing companies like yours with quality hardware for a variety of mining applications in Malaysia. Today, we offer one of the most extensive selections of water and gravel pumps, mining equipments and other related engineering equipments for industry and specialty use.

* Supplying our Products and Services to South East Asia and China and locally (Malaysia)
* One of the best during old times

There are over hundreds of products available in our factory, most important found in our webpages. Besides the most popular style & sizes, we offer a wide choices of variation and option, some not available anywhere else.

We also have the expertise to produce one of a kind, out of the ordinary products. We are capable to custom design and manufacture the hardware needed to meet your unique requirements.

At Luen Seng Foundry, we strive to provide the best pre-owned equipment on the market for your mining, milling, construction, processing or sand & gravel needs while retaining the quality of personal attention afforded by small businesses. To meet our customer's requirement, our manufacturing is strictly supervised according to international standard.

Luen Seng Foundry principal activities summarised as below :
* Project, Engineering of Steelworks and Mining Constructions. Able to fabricate and design of steelworks
* Design, Fabrication and Erection of Steelworks
* Supply of general engineering and electrical equipments
* Supply of custom designed Mining and Mineral Processing Plants and equipments
* Provision of specialized technical services in mining operations

Feature Products which you can find from our site (Malaysia): Water Pump, Trommel, Gear Box, Cables, Rubber Hose, Valves, Air Propeller, Impeller, Ball Grinding Mill, Rubber Gasket, Liner Set, Grease Packing, Tin-Ore Dryer, Jig, Coupling, Chain Block, Gears, Rubber Bush, Pontoons, Manual Winch, Monitor Adaptor, Shafts, Flywheel, Monitor Bearing,Shaft, Pump Door, Housing Cap, Foundry Coke, Hydraulic Monitor Jet, Beam, Submersible Pump, Waterbox, Foundry Casting, Generator casingbox, Denyo, Airman, Nippon, Sharyo, Miller Big Blue, Cummins, Generator Set, Air Compressor Set, Alternator, Welding Set, Hino Engine complete with Gearbox,Water Pump, Cummin Engine coupled with Generator Set, Cummin BigCam with Water Pump and Battery, Nissan coupled with Hydraulic Powerpack, Cummins engine complete with Flender Gearbox, Liner Set, Pontoons, Pipes, Pump Hanger, Radiator, Pump Skirt complete set used

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Luen Seng Foundry
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SD729, Lahat Road, 30200 Ipoh Perak Malaysia
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6(05) - 2821540
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