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Liner Set
Mineral Processing Plant Used Cummins Engine Gearbox
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Mineral Processing Plant (Cameron Highlands Malaysia)
Mineral Processing Plant (Ipoh Malaysia)
Used Cummin Engine|Gearbox|Liner Set
Used Cummins Engine | Gearbox |  Liner Set
Onsite application (Cameron Highlands)
Onsite application (locally)
Used Cummins Engine with gearbox and complete liner set
Used Cummins Engine with gearbox and complete liner set
Engine | Pontoons | Gearbox | Liner Set
Water Pumps Engine
Hino Engine | Gearbox | Liner Set
Used Engine | Gearbox | Pontoons | Pipes
Supply complete set (Engine, Pontoon, Gearbox, Liner Set, etc) at Air Kuning, Perak
Used Water Pump Engine at Bidor, Perak
Hino Engine coupled with Gearbox and complete set of Liner at Bidor, Perak
Complete set of Gearbox, Pontoon, Pipes at Shah Alam, Selangor

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