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Cummin Engine with Water Pump
NewFlender Gearbox
Vertical Sand Pump
Cummin KTA1150 coupled with 12" x 14" Water Pump
Cummin KTA1150 coupled with new Flender 560 Gearbox
Cummin KTA1150-470HP coupled with new Flender 560 Gearbox, Vertical Sand Pump
Generator Set
Cummin BigCam with Water Pump
Generator Set
Cummin NT855 complete with 250KVA Generator Set
Cummin BigCam 855 coupled with 10" x 12"ksp Water Pump
Cummin VTA1710 Engine coupled with 500KVA Generator Set
Water Pump and Support Wheel
Engineering Equipments
Vertical Sand Pump
Hino EH-100 engine complete with 10" x 10" Water pump and support wheel
Hino EF-500v8 engine with Gearbox Vertical Sand Pump
Hino EH-100 complete with 300 GearBox Vertical Sand Pump of 6" x 6" Liner Set
Sand Pump
Water Pump
Nissan Engine with Hydraulic Power Pack
Hino EF-500 engine coupled with Horizontal Gearbox complete with 8" x 8" Sand Pump
Hino Engine coupled with 5" x 6"ksp Water Pump
Nissan Engine complete with Hydraulic Power Pack
*And other types of engines which can coupled with various sizes of pumps, gearbox, hydraulic power pack & etc to suit your needs
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